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“Making a difference in our world. Making our world different.”


Saved since the 1970s, Tony Osuobeni has served the Body of Christ in many countries as a campus Christian leader, founding pastor, senior/lead pastor, Christian educator, missionary, intercessor and worship leader.

Tony is driven by two ships— “worship” and “leadership,” to which he devotes his speaking and writing ministries. He is a core Pauline-student of the Word and a fivefold ministry package with the apostle and prophet being his dominant gift-mix. He is passionate about missions and apostolic church formations. He is commissioned as an apostle and ordained as a bishop.

Apostle Tony ministers locally in the United States and globally in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, offering apostolic oversight and leadership to churches and ministries. He is a well sought-after conference speaker and worship trainer. His crowning vision is to bring millions into a life-transforming encounter with God. He is the President and founder of TONY OSUOBENI WORLD OUTREACH (TOWO).

Tony is a prolific writer and author of several books: Worship & Warfare, The Truth About Worship; The Truth About The Worship Leader; Open Worship; The Truth About Leading


Worship; The Gospel According To Worship: Hashtag Revival; The Mosaic Of Worship; Leadership By Divine Design; God Speaks Two Languages; A Thousand Song Offering; If You Get Romans God Will Get You Books 1 & 2 and more.

Tony is a South African and American trained lawyer. He is a summa cum laude in Legal History and a legum magister in Labor and Employment law. He is married to Pastor Ibiene Osuobeni, a medical doctor. They have three grown up children and reside in Africa Ohio, in the Westerville suburb of Columbus Ohio USA.