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Thank you for your interest in having Tony come to your church or ministry.

Often when we receive requests, one of the pressing concerns for sponsoring an event or conference is the issue of finance. With regard to this, Tony’s sole purpose is to glorify God— to serve Him and serve you, and so does not require a fee. But we ask each host church or ministry to decide between a love offering or an honorarium. There is no fixed or expected amount, rather whatever God puts on your heart or whatever you feel appropriate and you’re capable of. Also, please note that because Tony is a full-time minister who lives and travels exclusively by faith, we ask that you consider covering his travel expenses including airfare, lodging and feeding. We don’t ask for any exotic in-flight class as Tony normally travels economy. But if God lays it on your heart to sponsor any higher class, this will be much appreciated in order to make his travels stress-free.

Please carefully complete the information below to assist us in responding to your request. God bless you!


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