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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

For Couples Who Want To Make A Difference


Ministry is the act of serving or meeting a need. Marriage is basically a call to service— to serve God and serve one another. MARRIAGE IS A MINISTRY through and through. It is a call to make each other better so that together the couple can serve God’s plans, purposes and pursuits to their generation.

“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

It takes God to make marriage work. It’s His idea in the first place. Then it takes two to work together, to lift up each, to help each other— make each other better. Marriage is your first land lasting ministry. It is your most important ministry.

Generally, marriage is a journey to becoming a better person and your spouse is the companion who helps you along the way— Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

— Marriage is the journey of becoming one with God and with each other for the purpose of making a difference in the world. Genesis 2:24

Here are 3 reasons why your marriage is your most important ministry.

1. Your marriage is a picture of the gospel—A healthy marriage gives the world a beautiful picture of the gospel. John 13:34-35; Just as God unites a man and a woman together and makes them one, Christ unites us to Himself. We are one with Him and receive all His righteousness. He pursues us, loves us eternally, constantly forgives us and continually cares for us. When we are committed to our spouses, people are reminded of God’s commitment to us.

2. Your marriage is sanctifying— To misprioritize your marriage is to misprioritize your sanctification because God uses marriage to form us more into His image. I know this personally as God has used my wife Ibiene to grow me in compassion towards other, and to help me see how others process and think, and to regularly remind me that the Christian life is a life of joy.

3. Your marriage is your greatest gift to your children— Children are gifts to marriage. The marriage must become a gift to children. A healthy marriage gives them security and offers them a picture of the gospel. A strong marriage where love between spouses is visible and tangible provides security and stability for children and an atmosphere in which they can thrive. When children question their parents‘ love for one another, they often begin to question God’s love for them. Children come to know the love of God through the love their parents have for each other. If you want your children to experience God’s love, then be willing to do what it takes to fully and selflessly love your spouse. The family is the school of love.

The 3 ministries in your marriage

First, you serve God in your marriage by loving Him. Your greatest contribution to your marriage is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind ans body. Your love for God will impact your undying love for your spouse, your children and family. This is the root of a godly relationship. This is your very first love and your lasting service to your spouse. As you grow in your love for God you will grow in your love for your spouse. You will better keep your vows to him or her in the presence of God. As you grow in your love for God, you grow in your communication with Him as well as your communication with your spouse. And then you come together to pray— praying with your spouse is perhaps one of your greatest assignments. It keeps God in the very center of your lives and home.

Second, you serve your spouse by loving him or her. Your actions toward your spouse such as listening to them when they want to talk, supporting them in their dreams or careers and just being there for them, are a few examples of service. Another more fun way you serve your spouse is through intimacy. The closeness between husband and wife strengthens the relationship and establishes trust. Trusting your spouse is a necessary service for the marriage. Of course the greatest service you can offer to your spouse before God is to pray for them. This is your major assignment as a wife or husband.

Third, you serve others by being an example to other couples and singles that want to get married. Your marriage will minister in a positive or negative way to others depending on how you conduct yourself. Hopefully, your conduct is positive so others will see what a healthy marriage looks like. Your show of respect and love is watched by family, friends and even strangers. Most importantly, your children are ministered to by your marriage. How you behave sets the standard for your them when they become adults and start their lives with their own spouses. Your marriage is the very first and lasting example and image of marriage your children will ever see.

Finally, you minister to yourself by being the best husband or wife you can be. Doing your part to keep your marriage strong can bring satisfaction and enjoyment. One of your greatest assignments in marriage in this regard is to focus on chancing yourself land not your spouse. Be the change you want to see in your marriage. Be the love you want to see. Be the peace you hope to experience in your home. Be the best you that God has made you to be. There is absolutely no ministry greater than this.

~ Tony Osuobeni

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