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  • “In this very important work, the author emphasizes that God's original purpose was to communicate the life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ to Israel. God wanted His people to know that they could not worship Him unless they were saved. Thus, the message of salvation and the Savior features prominently in the Tabernacle outline. The whole proposal of the Tabernacle was hinged upon the pivot of God's desire to dwell with His people. The author explains how we derived the language of Redemption from the Tabernacle. Concepts such as grace, mercy, peace, atonement, love, justification, sanctification, to mention a few, all stem from the Tabernacle. The ultimate purpose of the book is to arm Christians with the vital knowledge that we are God's Tabernacles on earth today. The book is a must-read for any believer who wants to understand worship deeper and become a better worshipper. The author's knowledge of the relevance of the Tabernacle to our modern-day worship is highly commendable. This is a very serious work on one of Christianity's greatest disciplines. Get the book!”

The Mosaic of Worship: Understanding Worship from the Tabernacle of Moses

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